Northern Alberta is looking to hire skilled trades workers and staff professionals like you.


Household incomes in Alberta are 24 per cent higher than in Washington State. The neighbors are friendly, and the living is good. We can help make your move an easy one.

Benefits include (varies with company):

  • Travel program: flights to and from the U.S. (international airports)
  • Accommodations: camp accommodations including meals, living out allowances, rental subsidies, or purchase assistance
  • Bus transportation from camp to work site, shift differentials 
  • Tools, safety gear and annual equipment premiums for safety boots

Come find your opportunity here.

Alberta’s economy will experience solid long-term growth driven in large part by the energy sector. As of May 2012, $193 billion in capital investments were underway or planned in Alberta, equivalent to 211 CenturyLink Fields in Seattle or 175 Hoover Dams in Nevada.


With this projected growth, the Alberta government predicts a shortage of over 114,000 workers up until 2021. Unlike most of North America, we have more jobs than we have workers to fill them. 


Notes: Applying for a U.S. passport typically takes 4-6 weeks. As a passport is required to enter Canada, you should apply for one as soon as possible in anticipation of an employment offer. Qualified Canadians are also encouraged to apply and will be considered first by employers.

Opportunities Available